Code n Ethics

If "Code is Law", who's in charge of ethics ?


Future is now

Good vs. Evil

Where does ethics starts?

embedded Linux Kernel ?

Ethics cursor is moving

There is no

  • metrics
  • frame of reference
  • laws
    to define ethics precisely

Technology isn’t neutral and has impacts in the real World

If you die in the Matrix, you die in real life

Reality vs. Virtuality

What is ethics?

Antiquity & Philosophy

Ethics is not about

  • Public Morality
  • Compliance to public rules
  • Social conventions
  • Etiquette

Aristotelian Ethics

  • experience of the actions in life
  • brought up in fine habits

We are not studying in order to know what virtue is, but to become good, for otherwise there would be no profit in it.

Aristotle in NE II.2

Thinking about Ethics
is an elite issue

True morality has no time for morality

Blaise Pascal

Scientific approach isn’t Ethical approach

Choice vs. Decision

Homo Sapiens Deus

Human is not a
mature specie

But Human has God powers

Human can create life…

Boston Dynamics experiments

God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs. God creates Man, man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs.

Dr Ian Malcolm

Human can create at its own image

Deus Ex Machina

“Homo Deus”

  • Replacement of humankind
  • Big Data

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Dr Ian Malcolm

Think vs. Create

Are Digital Makers the new thinkers?

Technology is a political tool

  • SpaceX Private companies regulating space?
  • Social Networks Private companies responsible of News?
  • Net Neutrality Private companies deciding about the Network
  • Sesame Social Credit Centralized authority deciding for you


  • Industrial Age
  • Digital Age
  • AI Age::?::


  • Laborers replaced by the machines
  • Social gropus changed
  • Is it ethically acceptable to remove work from workers?


  • Human choices replaced by algorithms
  • Tedious tasks belongs to the machines
  • Is it ethically acceptable consider some people time is most valuable than others?

What do we want to become?

Served by the machines?

Welcome in 1870!

Myth of Singularity

Le Mythe de la Singularité
Good vs. Evil

Doing vs. Conceiving

Ethics in Code

Could we teach code ethically?

Negligence in the conduct of Internet-wide experiments is both irresponsible and unacceptable.


Code is Law

Etiquette, Code, Ethics

A student in a CS department program shall:

  1. Act at all times with integrity.
  2. Strive to increase his/her competence and the competence
    and prestige of the profession.
  3. Accept responsibility for his/her work.
  4. Act with professional responsibility when working with others.
  5. Use his/her special knowledge and skills
    for the advancement of human welfare.

Hume’s Guillotine:
The is-ought problem

Computer Science Ethics
Computer Workers Ethics

Even if we are software craftspeople, we also need to be the thinkers of our societies, because we draw the lines of our new world.

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